Friends of the Ministry

Evangelist Tim Hall

Tim Hall is one of Australia’s leading evangelists. Together with his wife Jacque, they have ministered extensively throughout the world. Their forthright and anointed preaching, coupled with a great manifestation of the power of God has seen over 1 million saved, thousands healed, drastically changed, baptized in the Holy Spirit and filled with a fresh touch of revival power.

Tim Hall International Ministries have traveled the world for over 40 years and has preached to gospel on every continent except Antarctica. Tim has a rich history of fulfilling the Great Commission to go to the nations in power, to make disciples through the equipping of churches, and baptizing people in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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James Levesque – Engaging Heaven Ministries

James and his wife Debbie lead Engaging Heaven Church in New London, Connecticut, a church which has become a worship and revival center for Eastern Connecticut, serving the communities of New London, Groton, Waterford, and Mystic, as well as the remainder of New London County.

James is a pastor, preacher, and revivalist who believes in both proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Christ. He believes that this is the appointed season for awakening in New England, and that by God’s power many in our region will be saved, healed, and delivered.

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Pat Schatzline – Remnant Ministries International

Remnant Ministries International (formerly known as Mercy Seat Ministries) was founded by Patrick and Karen Schatzline in 1997 after serving as youth pastors at three incredible churches. Pat and Karen launched MSM in order to fulfill the Great Commission. Since the launch of RMI (formerly MSM) in 1997, Pat and Karen have become two of America’s leading church speakers, revivalists, youth communicators, and university and conference speakers.

With a schedule that stays full year-round, Pat & Karen have established a reputation for bringing purpose through the power of Christ, and a longing to grow deeper in the presence of God. They minister in churches, schools, universities, stadiums, outreaches, retreats, camps, leadership conferences, mens’ & womens’ conferences, and marriage retreats.

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Debbie Rich-Rester – FaithLife Church NW

The ministries of Dr. Debbie Rich-Rester have worked to bring revival to the church, and Jesus to the world. It is her heart to see everyone changed by the love and power of Jesus Christ!

Debbie Rich Ministries is the global revival outreach of Dr. Debbie Rich, who founded DRM decades ago, with a heart and mission to both revive the church and save the lost.

Debbie and her husband, Bob, are pastors of FaithLife Church NW. Their hearts are focused on reaching those in their city, Elma, Washington, as well as having a greater impact in the Pacific Northwest.

Upon relocating to their new facility in Elma, Pastors Debbie and Bob founded Word and Spirit Institute NW. It officially began in the fall of 2017 to train revivalists for the 21st century to take the land.

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Carlos Annacondia – Message of Salvation Int’l.

The history of their ministry began May 29, 1979 in the city of San Justo, Buenos Aires when Carlos Annacondia and his wife Maria L. Revagliatti gave their lives to Christ. God began to change the history of their lives and family.

The following year, Carlos Annacondia began to preach in poor villages of Buenos Aires, and God started to perform beautiful miracles, and brought deliverance to those that were captive. The presence and power of God in the crusades impacted the people in villages, cities, states and all around the world.

That same year, Carlos Annacondia founded Misión Cristiana Mensaje de Salvación (MCMS) ministry, known internationally as Message of Salvation International (MSI). MCMS has ministered to multitudes of people from different background and ethnicities from every continents.

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Brother Yun – Back To Jerusalem

Brother Yun, known as The Heavenly Man, has preached the gospel of Jesus throughout China.

At the age of 17, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. In the first year he was saved, he won over 3,000 people to Jesus.

He has been arrested over 30 times for preaching the gospel. He has spent more than 3,700 days in prison, in which he was tortured daily.

The book “The Heavenly Man” is the true story of his life in China – it is a modern day book of Acts.

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Joel Stockstill

Pastor Joel Stockstill has been a prophetic voice for believers young and old across the nation for many years. The Lord has given Joel a unique message to the body of Christ that reaches beyond age, nationality, and cultural barriers.

Many pastors and youth pastors seek Joel’s insight in the areas of leadership strategy, youth ministry, and spiritual understanding. He desires to see the church focus on the message of the cross, holiness, and the principles found in the book of Acts that caused the early church to explode in revival and growth.

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Philip Smethurst – Overland Missions

In 1999, Philip and his wife Sharon founded Overland, and under their guidance it is currently at work in 14 countries.

Philip was born in South Africa and began his work in the ministry in 1989, at the age of 20. Born to missionary parents in Portugal and raised in Brazil, Sharon dedicated her life to serving people through the ministry, receiving training at a missions school in Brazil. Philip and Sharon met in East London, South Africa in 1997 and quickly realized that they shared the same love for the nations.

Overland Missions is dedicated to communicating the Gospel to the neglected and isolated people of the world. It mobilizes pioneering expeditions to work among neglected people all around the world.

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Joe & Becky Cruse – Worship Works Ministries

With a heritage rooted deep in Christian music and over three decades of ministry experience, the Cruses offer a dynamic yet intimate worship style that creates a unique atmosphere for people to experience the glory and presence of God.

Joe and Becky began ministering together in 1972. The Cruse Family, an evangelistic music ministry, traveled and ministered all over the world. Joe and Becky finally settled in Austin, Texas in the fall of 2001. After multiple years of training and mentoring young musicians, their long-time dream became a reality.

WMI branched out to include a strong local church and two schools that provide an outstanding home base for this dynamic ministry. The legacy, integrity, and experience of the Cruse family, together with their heart for God, and their passion for His people and presence, is unparalleled in the church world today.

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Richard Moore – Voice Of Revival Ministries

The heartbeat of Dr. Richard Moore, founder and president of Voice of Revival Ministries International, is to take revival to the church and mobilize the church to reap the end-time harvest.

At 21, Richard entered into the ministry where he immediately began to take the uncompromising message of the Gospel across America and into the nations of the world.

In the Summer of 1988, Richard married his wife Ronda, along with their daughter Sarah Sue, have taken revival to nearly every state in America and to 50 nations of the world 63 times.

Richard’s meetings are accompanied by signs, wonders, and miracle,s and are reminiscent of revivals past. For the last 33 years, Richard’s meetings have lasted up to 7 weeks at a time with 2 meetings per day.

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Roger Teale

Roger and Emily Teale are from Scarborough England, where they pastored a local church for several years, during which time they were involved in extensive local and national evangelism.  The outreach work was promoted through open-air meetings and tent crusades. The church was especially noted for its strong youth work.

Roger received the call to the the prophetic office in 1968, and from that time has been focused on being led by the Spirit in all that he does.

Known for his direct approach to the challenges of his ministry, he boldly speaks the convictions of his heart, regardless of the consequences. Noted for his ability to discern any situation quickly, he brings the fear of the Lord into the house.

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Dr. John W. Bosman – SpiritWind International

Dr. John W. Bosman is the founder and president of SpiritWind International. Over the past fifteen years, John has launched powerful leadership networks in South Africa that represent thousands of pastors and churches. SpiritWind endeavors to network denominational leaders and ministry organizations internationally.

Born in Zimbabwe and reared in the Republic of South Africa, John entered into full-time ministry in 1969 and successfully pastored several churches in South Africa. John and his family immigrated to the United States in January 1986. John served for fifteen years as Senior Pastor of the fast-growing Glad Tidings Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

He served as Assistant District Superintendent for the Louisiana District Council, as General Presbyter for the General Council of the Assemblies of God, on the Board of Regents of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, as well as for CIS Bible Schools in Russia. He is also the founder of both the JWB Institute for Leadership and Laity Development and Hamilton Christian Academy.

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